BN-2B Islander Update 1.2.0

X-Aviation and TorqueSim are pleased to announce the release of the BN-2B Islander v1.2.0 update. This update consists of a variety of bug fixes which we have integrated to improve the Islander, providing the most realistic X-Plane 11 Islander experience!

To Update: Download your installer here and re-install!

Here’s what’s changed in version 1.2.0:

Improvements / New Features:

  • New exterior textures. Improved rivets and joins and dirt. Better normal maps.
  • Updated default liveries to match new texture spec.
  • User made liveries will work with no changes required!
  • New liveries can make use of the improved blank textures and normal maps!
  • Updated interior with new panel, new seats, new fixtures, interior trim, and window frames.
  • Updated flight model with better airfoils, fuel consumption, and cruise speeds. Adjusted trim ranges and effectiveness.
  • Several FMOD improvements and bug fixes. New engines, new props, tuned flyby and so many other adjustments. 
  • The same night lighting technology implemented in the 2T has been brought to the 2B which greatly improves the panel visibility in low light conditions. 
  • Added Linux support
  • Improved autopilot engagement logic
  • Added multithreaded texture uploading to GPU
  • Improved Ammeter
  • Updated libacfutils version

As always, thank you for supporting TorqueSim and X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support!

Introducing the Take Command! SR20 and SR22 Entegra Editions

TorqueSim, RealSimGear, and X-Aviation are excited to finally announce our next products coming to X-Plane, the Take Command! SR20 and Take Command! SR22 Series, Entegra Edition. The SR22 Series will include both the normally-aspirated and Turbo-Normalized variants.

These aircraft are our most complex simulations to-date. Brand-new custom avionics, the TorqueSim physics engine, our maintenance and wear system, all paired with a gorgeous 3D model and a phenomenal sound pack. And that is just the beginning!

We are entering the testing phase of this aircraft now. No release date has been set, but it is coming soon! These aircraft will be sold separately from the SR20 and SR22 G1000 editions, upgrade pricing will be offered to existing customers.

Be prepared to have a new favorite plane in your X-Plane hangar!

Learn more here:

The Entegra Avionics also are designed for RealSimGear’s new Entegra Desktop Console which features backlit buttons and knobs and 10.4″ IPS displays. More details can be found at RealSimGear’s website.


Advanced Custom Avionics

The TorqueSim/RealSimGear Entegra simulation is setting the bar for X-Plane GA Avionics. The custom developed avionics suite accurately replicates the Entegra avionics, both with PFD and MFD functions. This project has been a massive undertaking in developing our first fully-custom avionics package. Simulating the Entegra R8 flight deck will provide the ultimate platform for flying and learning. Also, new to the aircraft, a popup Angle of Attack indicator!

The Entegra PFD features a proper boot sequence, simulated avionics modules, and more. The altimeter of course can be switched between InHg and Mb units. The CDI can show (and drive the autopilot) from either GPS 1, GPS 2, NAV 1, or NAV 2!

The Entegra MFD has many different distinct modes in which it operates.

The main mode, “MAP” features a gorgeous terrain rendering system. This is based on a short-term caching tiling system to optimize performance. Tiles are regenerated on-the-fly throughout flight, on a separate thread from the simulator. Airports, runways, VORs, NDBs, FIXs, traffic, and the flight plan are all overlaid on top of the terrain base map. Engine indications, as well as a brief flight plan overview are also shown.

The next mode, “TAWS” shows the Terrain Awareness and Warning System. It depicts the terrain relative to the current altitude, indicating areas of terrain conflicts on a graduating scale. This helpful mode removes all irrelevant info and lets the pilot focus on safely navigating their aircraft around terrain.

The following modes, “TRIP” and “NRST” are very handy for knowing your flight plan and surroundings. The TRIP page shows your waypoints from the GPS and provides helpful details including the distance, ETA, and estimated fuel at each waypoint. The NRST page shows the nearest Airports, VORs, NDBs, and FIXs. There is also a detailed airport view that shows the runway layout, frequencies, and elevation!

The checklists for the aircraft are also fully integrated into the MFD. The proper procedures for normal flight, emergencies, and system malfunctions can all be viewed and followed.

Of course, the Entegra Engine page is also intricately modeled. It features custom gauges, Lean-assist functionality, and the ability to set the onboard fuel via the fuel-totalizer.

Entegra Engine page

The Entegra pairs perfectly with multiple GPS options. The GPS stack options are:

  • 2x Default/RealityXP GNS 430
  • 1x RealityXP GTN 750 + RealityXP GTN 650
  • 2x RealityXP GTN 650
  • 1x RealityXP GTN 750 + Default/RealityXP GNS 430
    (RealityXP Avionics sold separately)

Note: The default GNS 430 avionics do not expose approach waypoint information. SIDs, STARs, and enroute flight plans will show up on the Entegra MFD, but approaches will not, due to this Laminar Research limitation. If this changes, we will integrate full waypoint drawing. This does not affect the HSI and flying approaches, just the depiction on the MFD. RealityXP avionics show waypoints from all phases of flight without issue.

Also simulated, the GTX 330 transponder and STEC-55X Autopilot!

3D Model and Sounds

The SR20 and SR22 have been meticulously detailed to provide for the most in-depth visual model as possible. The aircraft makes full use of 4K PBR textures, ensuring the highest level of visual fidelity. All the different materials are accurately represented from samples from the actual aircraft! The many differences between the Entegra and G1000 versions of the SRs have been integrated, clearly separating the aircraft from each other.

The FMOD sound pack has been the result of hundreds of hours of source audio, carefully recorded from the real aircraft. Recordings of the engine on the ground, and in-flight have provided for a highly-accurate and immersive sound pack replicating the real aircraft. Every switch, knob, lever, and button have been modeled in the sound-pack.

Engine Model

The SR20 and SR22 are equipped with the TorqueSim custom physics – the most accurate simulation of a piston engine for X-Plane! The simulation models the mass flows of air and fuel through every part of the engine in real time. Air enters the engine through the air filter, flows through ducts, passes obstacles like the throttle plate, burns the fuel and leaves the engine as exhaust gas. Pressures and temperatures are calculated in every section independently, all contributing to the different segments of the simulation. All engine parameters are tuned against a huge database of real engine log data to ensure maximum possible accuracy in all phases of flight. The entire engine simulation runs on a separate thread from the main simulator. This allows for the timing necessary for proper simulation, independent of sim frame-rate, but also ensures that the model has a near-zero performance impact on the simulator!

  • Mass flows of air and fuel, pressures and temperatures calculated in every section of the engine independently
  • Torque generation algorithm based on air-fuel ratio closely reflects engine performance graphs and enables highly accurate leaning behavior
  • All engine parameters are tuned against a huge database of real engine log data to ensure maximum possible accuracy in all phases of flight
  • Normal, cold, hot, flooded and false starts simulated employing the custom fuel system
  • Engine temperatures calculated per cylinder depending on numerous internal and environmental factors, all components take their real times to cool down
  • Custom Percent Power algorithm based on sensed engine parameters and not actual engine power output
  • Custom oil system with oil cooler, filter, degradation and consumption
  • Custom prop governor with propeller control linked to throttle
  • Real engine set screw for maximum fuel flow can be turned
  • Cylinder detonation (engine knock), low engine temperatures increase friction and wear, spark plug fouling, improper magneto grounding and numerous other custom failures
  • Tornado Alley Turbonormalizing System (SR22TN)
    • Every component of the real system modeled based on real turbocharger maps and linked into the physics-based airflow model
    • Absolute pressure controller depending on oil pressure with overboost on cold oil
    • Turbocharger sounds depending on their speeds
    • Complex component interaction: Manifold pressure controller senses upper deck pressure increase, bypasses exhaust gas flow through the wastegate, decreasing turbine power and slowing down the turbo to reduce compressor output pressure

Electrical System

The electrical systems have also been intricately detailed, ensuring every last breaker and switch is modeled. The dual-batteries are simulated with a custom lead-acid battery simulation. The dual-alternator setup and Master Control Unit have been intricately tuned to interface with the rest of the simulation. All electrical busses and circuit breakers are individually simulated to provide for the most in-depth of simulation. All the intricacies of the SR electrical system including alternator drop at low RPM are modeled.

Fuel System

The fuel system has all been custom simulated, providing for unparalleled accuracy in-flight. It models all the details down to the fuel lines and injector nozzles! Fuel temperature is calculated and vapor is formed in the lines under the right environmental circumstances. This also allows for the recreation of all engine starting characteristics usually found on an aviation piston engine like normal, cold, hot, flooded and false starts. So be sure to understand the importance of your boost pump both on ground and in flight! The complex behavior of the engine driven and electric fuel pumps as well as the fuel manifold and metering unit are simulated. Changing bank and attitude of the aircraft affect sloshing in the tank, thus causing the indicated fuel quantity to differ.

  • Main and Collector Tanks
  • Collector tanks prevent fuel starvation during uncoordinated maneuvers
  • Fuel sloshes depending on sideslip angle, affecting float-sensed quantity and strainer coverage
  • Every component in the fuel delivery path simulated and contributing to overall system behavior
  • Boost and engine-driven fuel pumps and pressures
  • Fuel metering unit and spring-loaded fuel manifold
  • Vapor Lock
  • Fuel vaporizes after shutdown depending on engine temperatures and requires special startup procedures
  • Hot fuel can cause vapor formation and power fluctuations at high altitude in flight, suppressed by use of the boost pump

Maintenance and Failure Model

The SRs also feature an engaging and beneficial maintenance, wear, and failure model. This aspect of the simulation makes sure that the plane is flown safely and without damage. Excessive wear will be affecting airframe performance and safety, addressed through a realistic concept of runtime-based and annual inspections. The entire wear and failures logic is built on top of the physics model for engine, airframe, and fuel systems. This also includes truly unique features like cylinder detonation driven by the physics engine. Tires flatten, brakes fade when hot, the propeller experiences FOD on unprepared surfaces and much more to discover. Probability distributions tuned with real-world data are used to reflect the increasing likelihood of failures with component runtime.

High-Fidelity Flight Model

The flight model is designed with unparalleled accuracy. The tuning of the aerodynamic profile required hundreds of hours of careful tuning to accurately match the real-world characteristics. The model matches the aerodynamic quirks of the real aircraft to the limit of the simulator!

  • Custom airfoils and highly accurate fuselage shape
  • Stall strips and cuffed wing design with unique stalling characteristics
  • Accurate control surface areas and deflections for realistic turn rates

Tail Number Livery Customizer

The tail number can be dynamically changed on the aircraft! There are many configuration options to make the plane yours – from changing the tail number color, placement, outlines, drop shadows, all the way to painting it on the wings!

Persistent and Performance Tuned

The countless systems are all designed with persistence in mind – when you shut down the aircraft, you will return to it in the state in which it was left, the engine components will take their real times to cool. This encourages the proper care and handling of the aircraft, and shows the consequences of reckless flying. These systems are also designed to run on computers of many different specs.

All the systems are programmed in C/C++ using the X-Plane SDK. No compromises were made for simplicity. The plugins make significant use of multithreading to have the absolute minimum processes running on the main simulator thread, thus helping keep X-Plane performance at its maximum! The Entegra simulation is also very performance cautious. The avionics engine runs on threads separate from the main simulator and caches data as appropriate. Through our testing, performance exceeds that of the G1000 variants of the same aircraft.

BN-2T Turbine Islander Update 1.0.1

X-Aviation and TorqueSim are pleased to announce the release of the BN-2T Turbine Islander v1.0.1 update. This update consists of a variety of bug fixes which we have integrated to improve the Turbine Islander, providing the most realistic X-Plane 11 Islander experience!

To Update: Download your installer here and re-install!

Here’s what’s changed in version 1.0.1:

Improvements / New Features:

  • Added engine failures for significant over-torquing
  • Added throttle and mixture lever detents
  • Added multi-sided prop disc logic
  • Added Alt. Static Source switch

Bug Fixes:

  • Elevator trim limits adjusted
  • Fixed HSI misaligned texture with night lighting
  • FMOD improvements
  • Updated libraries to resolve mt_uploader crash at launch that few users were experiencing
  • Right altimeter baro setting fixed
  • D/G-Slew Indicator added

As always, thank you for supporting TorqueSim and X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support!

TorqueSim BN-2T Turbine Islander: Available Now!

TorqueSim and X-Aviation are excited to announce the release of the BN-2T Turbine Islander for X-Plane 11! It is equipped with 2 Allison 250 turboprop engines, has a 1500 pound useful load with full tanks, and can carry nine passengers. It has a 730 nautical mile maximum range and 170-knot cruising speed which gives the BN-2T Turbine Islander an even more diverse range of missions than the BN-2B.

The aircraft is available for $34.95 on X-Aviation, here. If you have already purchased the TorqueSim BN-2B Islander, you are eligible for a discount, bringing the price to $19.95. Check your email for an email from X-Aviation with instructions.

We also now have a bundle containing the TorqueSim BN-2B and BN-2T Islanders. Add both to your cart and use the coupon code 5798be55 when checking out to receive the bundle pricing of $54.95 ($15 off!).

Thank you for supporting TorqueSim! We hope you enjoy the BN-2T Turbine Islander as much as we did making it for you.


  • Highly detailed 3D model
  • Full PBR 4K Texturing
  • Custom Systems, including:
    • Fully custom electrical system, simulating the circuit breakers, buses, generators, and battery
    • Custom fuel manager
    • Custom lighting
  • Custom Avionics, including:
    • KFC225 Autopilot
    • GTX345 Transponder
    • KR87 ADF
    • M800 Chronometer
  • High-fidelity FMOD sound pack, with sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Carefully tuned and tested flight model based on real life performance data and input from Islander pilots
  • X-Plane GNS530/GNS430 (Also supports the RealityXP GNS530/430)
  • Support for RealityXP GTN 750/650
  • AFM G5 Integration (requires a copy of the AFM G5 plugin)
  • Custom Load Manager
  • Persistent systems (switches return to the state which they were left)
  • Fully custom C++ Plugin using the X-Plane SDK
  • Includes 12 base liveries, a blank livery, and paint-kit! See the liveries here
  • Long-term support, as well as additional features and updates planned


TorqueSim BN-2T Turbine Islander Releasing Friday!

TorqueSim and X-Aviation are excited to announce the release of the Turbine Islander this Friday (January 29th)!

We’re pleased to finally present our rendition of the BN-2T to you.

What began as a simple conversion grew into a completely new aircraft. This is the culmination of efforts spanning nearly four months, including updates to the 3d model, textures, texture mapping, FMOD sound pack, plugins, flight model, and many more small fixes and changes. If you enjoyed the BN-2, you’ll find the turbine version an absolute joy to fly!

You can see our preview flight of the aircraft here!

Many of the upgrades built for the 2T will also find their way into our BN-2 in the near future in the form of update 1.2. We very much look forward to sending that out as well.

We’ll share final details for the Turbine Islander throughout the days prior to release. If you haven’t subscribed to our email list, make sure to subscribe here so you can stay up to date with all our projects!

You can also find us on our Discord server and all the usual social media sites!

Update 25 Jan 2021:

Regarding pricing and release logistics:

  • The TorqueSim BN-2T Turbine Islander will be available for $34.95
  • Everyone who has purchased the BN-2B through Thursday (Jan 28, 11:59pm EST) will be eligible for promotional pricing, bringing the price to $19.95 (43% off!). A coupon code will be emailed on Friday which will be valid for 60 days.
  • A bundle will be available containing the BN-2B and BN-2T for $54.95

All prices are in USD.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the release, join in at the announcement post on the forums here.

Here are some other great screenshots showing off the new visuals!


TorqueSim Screenshot Contest Results (Dec 2020)

We would like to thank everyone who submitted for their great entries! There were many fantastic screenshots! The three winners were picked by the TorqueSim team, with the following prizes:

  1. Grand Prize: TorqueSim Take Command! SR20
  2. 2nd Prize: TorqueSim BN-2 Islander
  3. 3rd Prize: TorqueSim Pocket Rocket

1st Place: RobH

TorqueSim Islander | 1st Place: RobH

2nd Place: Aleem A

TorqueSim SR22TN | 2nd Place: Aleem A

3rd Place: Janis

TorqueSim Islander | 3rd Place: Janis

Runner Up: iheartPF

TorqueSim SR22 | Runner Up: iheartPF


Take Command! SR20 and SR22 Updates

We have released the version 1.1.1 update for the SR22 Series and the version 1.0.1 update for the SR20. All customers who have purchased either aircraft up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update(s). We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase either aircraft from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated version.

What if I didn’t get the update e-mail?

1. Login to your X-Aviation account here

2. Find your original SR22 Series and/or SR20 download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! 

SR22 Series Improvements / Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed starter type not being persistent
  • Fixed CHTs not cooling reliably after sim shutdown
  • FMOD adjustments
  • Implemented object-hide system for full cockpit setups
  • Decal fixes

SR20 Improvements / Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed starter type not being persistent
  • Fixed CHTs not cooling reliably after sim shutdown
  • Fixed engine cut-outs during taxi
  • Clickspot fixes for PFD CLR and ENT buttons
  • Avitab fix
  • FMOD adjustments
  • Minor object tweaks
  • Implemented object-hide system for full cockpit setups
  • Orange-Blue livery fixes
  • Decal fixes

As always, thanks for supporting TorqueSim and X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support!

We are hiring at TorqueSim!

We are looking to expand our team of programmers, and perhaps add someone to aid in our customer experience. If any of these positions below of interest, consider applying to join the team!

If you have any questions, email and we will get back to you.

Systems Developer

  • Responsible for creation of systems for aircraft. These may include: fuel, electrical, engines, hydraulics, etc.
  • Previous programming experience required, and X-Plane programming experience recommended.
  • Knowledge and experience in aviation/flight simulators is required
  • Background in math/physics/engineering
  • Our aircraft are programmed using C/C++ and the X-Plane SDK. Experience with C/C++ is preferred, but not required.
  • Candidates are expected to be driven to learn and become productive with C/C++ within a reasonable time period.
  • Commission pay determined based on projects.

Avionics Developer

  • Responsible for creation of aircraft avionics. These may include: PFD, MFD, FMS, etc.
  • Previous programming experience required, and X-Plane programming experience recommended.
  • Knowledge and experience in aviation/flight simulators is required.
  • Vector drawing or data parsing management experience recommended.
  • Background in math/physics/engineering
  • Our aircraft are programmed using C/C++ and the X-Plane SDK. Experience with C/C++ is preferred, but not required.
  • Candidates are expected to be driven to learn and become productive with C/C++ within a reasonable time period.
  • Commission pay determined based on projects.

Customer Experience Specialist

  • Help determine industry potential and market opportunities
  • Assist in customer support via tickets, forums, discord, and social media
  • Logging and categorization of bug reports
  • Manage social media posts
  • Help grow the TorqueSim brand
  • Commission or fixed rate pay determined on a case-by-case basis

These positions are all contractor positions, you will be responsible for setting your own hours, providing your own equipment, and you will work from your own home. Please contact us if you have any more questions.

Coming soon: BN-2T Turbine Islander

Written by Ulrich Oetzel, Islander Lead Developer, TorqueSim 3D Artist

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.

I’m sure some of you remember the old freeware FS9 Islanders by Marcel Kuhnt. Later came Flight1’s offering for FSX. While I enjoyed both of these very much, I distinctly recall always waiting for a Turbine Islander to show up. I loved and still love that plane.

It certainly made an impression on me. You could hear its twin Allison 250’s from what seemed like miles away, and the noise would build into a deafening scream when it came rolling across the apron. It was louder than a King Air, and most certainly louder than the 206’s and 402’s I knew! Little me would always cover his ears to shut out the noise.

At any rate, the years rolled on. The old 2T got sold a short while before the aging fleet was replaced entirely by Kodiaks, and I never heard anything about it again. Much in the same way, there was never any further talk of FSX (this is pre-P3D still) Islanders getting made, much less the turbine variant.

Which brings us neatly to my first entry: The trusty old 2B Islander. I grew tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for Flight1 to move their old model to X-Plane; tired of waiting for somebody to make it. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that “if you want something done, you should do it yourself” – or something along those lines. The end result of that was the TorqueSim Islander, which will soon be on version 1.2, with some serious upgrades over 1.1.

Now, I had always intended to make a 2T conversion of that aircraft. Even when I first joined TS, I knew that the Turbine Islander was somewhere in the future.

If only I had known. What started as a relatively simple conversion spiraled into extensive and intense reworks of the 3d model, the flight model, paint kit, interior, and myriad other items that needed improvement or alteration.

Now, with the project time dragging out (by no means a bad thing: more time means better quality), the 2T is essentially a completely new aircraft. It shares some minor features with our original model, in some places uses bits and pieces of the old textures, but it’s a whole different plane. Even the flight characteristics are much improved over the previous iterations.

All this also has benefits for version 1.2 our piston BN-2 Islander.

The new interior of the 2T can be retrofitted almost 1:1 to the older model. New interior textures, better UV mapping and texel density, new 3d models in the interior, all that comes benefit of the work on the 2T. 

The changes extend to the exterior of the plane. Old repaints will of course remain compatible, however new textures on the fuselage and wing offer improved visuals, with better rivet work and cleaner joins. The default paint schemes have already been updated to match the new standard, and the new paint kits will support the new version of the exterior textures.

All this is a rather long winded way of saying we have a BN-2T Turbine Islander coming very SOON™ alongside a huge update 1.2 for the BN-2B.

We’re very excited to bring you both of these aircraft, and hope you’ll enjoy flying them as much as we enjoy making them!

As per usual, questions, suggestions, comments, and the like are welcome. Come find us on our Discord server, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for regular updates and more screenshots!

In the meantime, we’ve prepared some pictures of the new Turbine Islander to tide you over while you wait. Enjoy!