Take Command! SR20/SR22 G1000: Update 1.2.1 Released

TorqueSim, RealSimGear, and X-Aviation are pleased to announce the release of the Take Command! SR22 G1000 Series and Take Command! SR20 G1000 1.2.1 updates. These updates consist of a variety of improvements which we have integrated to improve the aircraft. 

To Update: Download your installer here and re-install!

Don’t have the aircraft already? You can check out the G1000 SR22 and SR20 here!

Take Command! SR20/SR22 G1000 Series Changelog:


  • Add fix for users with frozen G1000 screens on startup
  • Fixed Avitab
  • Adjusted VR clickspots for throttle and mixture levers
  • Added ability to disable the G1000 multithreaded texture uploader for those with unsupported graphics cards
  • Prevent crash at sim quit caused by improper file access with Windows
  • Add support for increased G1000 screen resolution configurations
  • MD302 Auto Initialization with RealSimGear SR20/SR22 Cockpit Hardware
  • Updated RealSimGear Command Mapping files to support latest RealSimGear cockpit hardware

As always, thanks for supporting TorqueSim. We appreciate your feedback and support!