TorqueSim Take Command! SR20 and SR22 Series Entegra Editions: Available Now!

TorqueSim, RealSimGear, and X-Aviation are thrilled to have the released both the Take Command! SR20 Entegra Edition and Take Command! SR22 Series Entegra Edition! The SR22 Series includes both the normally-aspirated and turbo-normalized variants.

For existing SR20 customers, the SR20 Entegra Edition is available at a nominal upgrade price of $24.95. For existing SR22 Series Customers, the SR22 Series Entegra Edition will be available at $29.95. The coupon(s) have been emailed to customers.

These aircraft are our most complex simulations to-date. Brand-new custom avionics, the TorqueSim physics engine, our maintenance and wear system, all paired with a gorgeous 3D model and a phenomenal sound pack. And that is just the beginning!

Be prepared to have a new favorite plane in your X-Plane hangar!

As we detailed in the announcement post last week, as can be seen here, these aircraft are feature packed! The custom Avidyne Entegra R8 avionics provide a unique immersive flying experience unparalleled in flight simulation.

Make sure to check out this great preview video from Reflected Reality Simulations! The video outlines the many unique features of the aircraft!

If you haven’t already, check out our Trailer!