TorqueSim Screenshot Contest Results (Dec 2020)

We would like to thank everyone who submitted for their great entries! There were many fantastic screenshots! The three winners were picked by the TorqueSim team, with the following prizes:

  1. Grand Prize: TorqueSim Take Command! SR20
  2. 2nd Prize: TorqueSim BN-2 Islander
  3. 3rd Prize: TorqueSim Pocket Rocket

1st Place: RobH

TorqueSim Islander | 1st Place: RobH

2nd Place: Aleem A

TorqueSim SR22TN | 2nd Place: Aleem A

3rd Place: Janis

TorqueSim Islander | 3rd Place: Janis

Runner Up: iheartPF

TorqueSim SR22 | Runner Up: iheartPF


Islander Screenshot Contest Results

We would like to thank everyone who submitted for their great entries! The three winners will get their choice of the TorqueSim Pocket Rocket, AFM M20 Collection, or both of Attitude Simulations “Gate to the Great Lakes” sceneries (Custer and Fox Islands). It was a close competition – we are also featuring our three runner up screenshot choices and three honorable mentions. We look forward to running more of these competitions in the future!


Winner: Rob H.
Winner: Richard S.
Winner: Jakob E. J.

Runners Up:

Runner Up: Thorsten F.
Runner Up: Richard S.
Runner Up: G.

Honorable Mentions:

Honorable Mention: (Anonymous)
Honorable Mention: 7redline7
Honorable Mention: Rob H.