In Development: The Pocket Rocket

1000 lbs empty weight. 715 ESHP engine. This plane is insane – and coming soon to X-Plane 11!

This aircraft, for the X-Plane 11 flight simulator, will feature a fully simulated electrical system, oxygen system, LR G1000 suite with highly detailed/customized G1000 aspects, AFM programmed G5 avionics backup, PT6A-28, accurate PT6 sounds using FMOD gathered by the team, custom weather effects including animated rain and ice on the windscreen as well as ice on the leading edge surfaces and wings that build up the longer you fly in poor icing conditions, highly detailed 3d exterior model, interior and full use of PBR materials. An official list of everything will be released before it hits the store.

Please enjoy these renders, for now, we will keep updating images and more both on this blog, the Pocket Rocket page, our Facebook Group, the AFM Discord, and various forums. This aircraft should be ready for your hangars quite soon!

5 thoughts on “In Development: The Pocket Rocket”

  1. Hey there!

    This is a long shot and I totally get it if it’s not possible, but is there any chance I could still get in on the private beta of your Pocket Rocket project?

    I haven’t done any beta testing of X-Plane projects before, but I’ve done it for other software.


  2. Are the aircraft your working on in order that they will be developed from left to right on this website? I am really interested in Mike Patey’s Turbulence. Can’t wait for Draco as well! Have you been able to get in contact with Mike? I would think he might be able to send you photos or plans.

    1. The order does not necessarily convey release since some development (Citation) will be a longer process than others. Yes, we are in contact with Mike.

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